Friday, August 15, 2008

Our new chooks

Meet our two new chooks, which arrived this morning. Mrs Fatso (I have forgotten the breed - please check back for that). and the araucana - which doesn't have a name yet. I am excited about the araucana - as it is the layer of famous blue/green eggs. These two are apparently laying every couple of days already - so as soon as our first eggs arrive I will post some photos. (the old ford in the background of the photo is sitting rusting away in the neighbours backyard. I like it. - Reminds me of being in the country). Our two new chooks have lured Marmalade and Blacky out of their pen and into their run. However they have also enticed our kelpie to start barking. It's mainly Mrs Fatso's fault. She's big and a bit noisey. Not quite as placid and hospitipal as the first two. Marmalade and Blacky are sticking together, not hanging with the new peeps in town yet. Ignoring the barking, ignoring the new chooks. It's like West Side Story, with the two gangs checking each other out, staying far enough away to just observe.

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