Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moulin Rouge set instruction

Here is the photo I mentioned a couple of days ago - the set instruction for props in the film Moulin Rouge - written on our French doors. Cute hey?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Lost Seed

My new favourite website is called The Lost Seed (I have added the link to my favourite sites on the right). Based in Tasmania it specialises in the supply of heritage or heirloom seeds, that haven't been treated or messed about with in a commercial hybrid world. Some seeds come from hundreds of years of legacy handed down, from generation to generation in peoples backyards. It's such a wonderful ecological (not to mention romantic) way of growing herbs and vegetables that I have made the grand claim to A, that from now on I am only going to grow these seeds. Lets see how I go. !

Monday, October 27, 2008

after in the morning light

It was so lovely to come out to our new doors this morning being bathed in the morning easterly light that I wanted to post another photo. - You can easily see its not quite finished - paint work and trim still to do - and we are still undecided about finishing the sanding off or painting them black. Either way we will be varnishing and keeping a small square rectangle of the original door which shows the writing "garret 1" - a set instruction from the film Moulin Rouge. See photo.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

French doors - before

This weekend, with good weather forecast we took the opportunity to put in the french doors to our back deck. - This will now become our back door. They are very special doors for me, I bought them years ago from the auction they had for Moulin Rouge film (by Baz Lurhman), and these were used in Ewan McGregors 'garrett' room where he lived. If you watch the film - you can actually see them! I have taken them through several house moves and now they have found a home. The doors are a little shorter than normal, so the taller person may have to duck! We love them - A did most of the work. Happy Birthday A.

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French doors - before

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French doors 2 - after

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French Doors - after

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Mountains Blue Tongue Lizard

Today while A & were soaking up the sun in our backyard, the dogs all took off at something together. After a quick investigation, it was revealed a local Blue Tongue Lizard had strayed a little too close to the dog's territory. With much excitement we all gathered around - A is a qualified expert in lizards and such things, proceeded to pick him up and calmed him down. He's likely from a local lizard family and A informs us that they stay in the one area their whole lifes. Probably knows our yards, and laneway better than we do. The Blue Mountains variety of Blue Tongue is beautiful. Known as a 'blotched blue tongue' due to the pink blotches on it's skin, it's the first one I have seen since moving up here. Our little 7 year old friend E has named him "Brian". So Brian was released, after much ooooing and aaaaring by me...and hopefully will go on to continue his blissful Blue Mountains life. You can read more here on this type of lizard.

Blue Mountains Blue Tongue Lizard

Lemon Balm and Honey biscuits

I made Lemon Balm and Honey biscuits today. Great recipe - although I needed to half it. I couldn't bring myself to use that much butter.

The Lemon Balm is of course from our recent surprise crop!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our friendly King Parrot family

We have a family of King Parrots who have turned up - I think wanting the yummy food that our predessors living here use to feed them every spring. We know this because they (the tenants) moved next door (!) and we see just how many local birds flock to their yard. Annoyingly it's mostly white cockatoos.

Also in our yard are a couple of crested pigeons, and beautiful galahs. The pink and grey can only work in nature - it's beautiful. Pink and grey else where just reminds me of bad faded grandmother fabric!

Lemon Balm drying

I have harvested some of the Lemon Balm which is overrunning one of our side gardens. It's now happily started it's drying process - hanging up in my studio window. It's lovely to see all the spring plants come up - which we had no part in planting. It's like a box of chocolates....etc. - Both A & I thought this was mint for a long time - not taking the time to actually pull a leaf off it and smell. Only recently we realised it's Lemon Balm - (thanks Mum) and so I have been busily reading up on what one can do with it. It's a fantastic herb - as long as you keep it under control. Here is a list of things I am planning.

1. Dry and put in tea, sachets, meals
2. Dry and make a fantastic sounding Lemon Balm Liquuer
3. Use fresh in meals
4. Use fresh and make Honey and Lemon Balm Biscuits
5. Make a fresh Lemon Balm tincture - to use for medicinal purposes - (it's great for stress, anxiety, PMS, calming herb)
6. Use fresh and make Monastic Melissa Spririts.

ps: Stuff thats interesting: It's scientific name is Melissa officinalis - Melissa is the greek word for honeybee - because of it's attraction to lemon balm. (good to know if i ever start my beekeeping).

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm crop


Distressing news. I went out to the chook pen this morning, as per my morning ritual, and counted four chooks, not five. Elusive, shy always hiding Silky had vanished. The extreme co-incidence of the fact that yesterday we let the chooks out of their pen (only for the second time) but this time with the dogs around, isn't lost on myself or A. All went well, the kelpie and labrador were keen, but not fierce and the sausage dog took no notice at all. Now I say extreme co-incidence as we herded them all back into the cage. I even counted the heads. A says that the question was asked where Silky was, and I said she's in there. Which I am sure she was. But this morning she is gone. So doubt has crept in. I have looked closely within the chook pen, and found a gap in the fence where she could easily have snuck out. The taste of freedom yesterday, so recent and yummy. A distressing, panicked call to A, who says that chooks have extreme homing instincts, and as long as the local roaming big black dog, or a fox hasn't got her, she could very easily end up back in the pen tonight.... or a least pushed up against it wanting to get in. There are no signs of white fluffy feathers anywhere. So our guess is she's gone for a wander. I too went for a wander around the streets and laneway looking for her. No sign. I wasn't sure how to look. I'm sure it falls on deaf ears, going "here chookchookchooky" It's very distracting. Who would have thought one could get attached to a chicken. I will update as soon as a conclusion is reached to her whereabouts.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Room from the other end

Here you can see the paint we have chosen for the walls - Dulux ECRU with ECRU 1/4 for the trim, and ceiling white for the, well, ceiling. - We are still undecided about what to do about the brick work in the fireplace. - We are painting it for now. The black paint is just "night sky" (aka Ebony). Pure black basically.

Room AFTER this weekend.!

Over the past week we have demolished the entire wall - leaving o

nly the framework. -and they were rough wood. So a trip to the hardware, one belt sander later and we had smooth enough wood to paint Black. It's coming along :) - Below you can see the before, and during photos.

Room under deconstruction!

Room before we moved in.

Vege patch - lettuce and rocket

The Veges are finally growing!

vege patch
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Silky - the new chook.