Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Mountains Blue Tongue Lizard

Today while A & were soaking up the sun in our backyard, the dogs all took off at something together. After a quick investigation, it was revealed a local Blue Tongue Lizard had strayed a little too close to the dog's territory. With much excitement we all gathered around - A is a qualified expert in lizards and such things, proceeded to pick him up and calmed him down. He's likely from a local lizard family and A informs us that they stay in the one area their whole lifes. Probably knows our yards, and laneway better than we do. The Blue Mountains variety of Blue Tongue is beautiful. Known as a 'blotched blue tongue' due to the pink blotches on it's skin, it's the first one I have seen since moving up here. Our little 7 year old friend E has named him "Brian". So Brian was released, after much ooooing and aaaaring by me...and hopefully will go on to continue his blissful Blue Mountains life. You can read more here on this type of lizard.

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