Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Summer Garden

A wonderful day to create a new garden bed! After getting about three raspberries on my first cane which is now in it's second year, it was a little disappointing. We then went down to the community gardens and saw their wonderful raspberry crop and so we have decided grow many more canes for next season along the side lane fence. Which means getting rid of the succulents along there (that weren't working anyway) and creating a NEW garden bed! - I had been thinking about sitting in our little nook that looks out on to the deck and studio and have decided the studio needs to a bit of 'sprucing' up. If we are going to look out on it through those french doors we may as well have something lovely to look at. So that's where the succulent garden was planted today. We are also planning on getting rid of the cupboards and garden stuff directly along the wall and plant a type of fernery. See below for some pics.