Sunday, August 24, 2008

the beginning of the fish pond

Yesterday I began the fish pond. I actually dug the hole and put the pond in last weekend but I needed to take it out and put fresh water in yesterday. - Bit of a tip for the newbie - don't leave a whole bunch of sludge at the bottom thinking it will disappear! You need to have the pond as clean as possible when you put the water in. So take two and that's what I did yesterday. The lovely A bought a whole bunch of sandstone and ironstone rocks from her work and will also collect more this week. So a trip to the pet shop later and we now have 4 gold fish and some acquatic plants. I placed a pump and fountain in the middle to test it out - it worked well. But we will now build up a little stone dome for the fountain to sit in and flow naturally over. Last night it went below freezing and I came out to check on the fish this morning - they were swimming under a full thick sheet of ice. But thankfully survived. And hopefully that's will be a rare frost before spring hits soon in a couple of weeks. A taste of it today - gorgeous sunny day - we have taken our three dogs down to the local community gardens for a walk.

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