Saturday, August 16, 2008

Larry, the path, the chookpen

Meet Larry. Our new dog. (A says that's a bit committed - we do have a week to "return" him). We found him through doggie rescue - an organisation in Sydney which rescues dogs left in the pound. Larry is a labrador (maybe cross with Golden Retriever), who we think is around 3. A big boy, a slow boy. But we think pretty happy. The kelpie and sausage dog are so far ok with him. The chooks too. Larry is hopefully going to be a more playful companion to our kelpie as the sausage dog is getting a bit old and not that interested in playing. Notice the path leading to the chook pen. NEW! as of today. Go A - who is a complete legend. The pile of dirt which Larry is getting familiar with is where the vege patch is going.

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