Monday, August 18, 2008

Orchard :)

This weekend we worked hard. (well not so much me - don't like digging too much!) It was all A. She created our vege patch, dug the lane down to the chook pen (which was about half a foot deep which we then filled in with roadbase) and this morning I planted the beginning of our Orchard :) Its all starting to take shape - it's organically evolving as opposed to us having a master plan. Once the path was in we saw that the perfect spot for the vege patch would be that corner, then after that was created, we thought to put the 3 citrus trees in the remaining small green patch leading from the shed. - Once these grow bigger this will create an almost separate garden area - which you will come across through that small gateway. Which I have plans to grow a little archway over. I can't believe what a difference all this is making already. The citrus trees we planted are: mandarin, lemon and kumquat.

Orchard :)
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