Thursday, August 14, 2008


The chooks have arrived. We picked them out last Saturday and brought them back up the mountain. Marmalade and Blacky are very placid - they didn't take flight or flap a single wing when our kelpie came up to bark and protest. A is suprised & relieved at how well kelpie is coping. The chooks took to their new chookpen like a duck to water, or a chook to a pen :)... The only small concern we had was t if they would suffer shock from the sudden drop in temperature. As it turned out the following day (Sunday) was the biggest and lets face it only true snow fall or the winter. We have put hay all around the pen - almost feels like we live on a farm! The chooks are about 2 or 3 weeks from point of lay - (that's chook speak for when they start to lay eggs). This weekend we are probably going to get two more. Stay tuned.

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