Monday, August 2, 2010

Sponge cake using Duck eggs

Well the duck eggs are now coming in thick and fast. So I was due to start experimenting with them. Our first go - probably unwisely- was to poach them. Ick! Put us off them. Second go, was to 'bake' with them. All the googling had led to lots of recommendations for baking with them - especially sponges and meringue. So I just googled "duck egg sponge cake" - don't you love google? Up came a Duck Egg Sponge Cake recipe! This is the link for those interested. And below is the result.
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  1. I heard that duck's eggs are more richer than chicken eggs. Perhaps that's why some prefer it, too, when making flans. Anyway, your cake looks really good. A cup of coffee will make for a perfect combination. :)
    But of course, for my kids, I got to add some kind of frosting into it. It's not cake for them unless it's frosted, :)

  2. Ha! Our kids don't like icing! kid's and their tastes!