Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lettuce Seedlings

I am attempting to grow Lettuce from seeds. Many people probably think why bother - but I want to establish a routine of collecting seeds each year from various crops (starting with lettuce) to grow the next season. To become closer to a self sustaining vege patch. So the two types of lettuce seeds I have chosen are Red Romaine and Red Velvet - both heritage varieties from 'Eden Seeds'. They dont have a high 'cross pollenating' tendency - so hope they will be ok. I haven't had any luck in growing seedlings - not enought patience nor attentive enough...but I keep persisting. This time I have sown some into egg containers - which also mean that once the seedlings are ready I transport them - container and all to the ground - so they don't have to be moved. - Another thing I have learned to avoid. The other seeds I have in fact grown into pots - to eventually replant - see how I go. I have placed them on a north facing window sill. will keep blog up to date with pics of progress.
From various for blog
From various for blog

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