Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baking bread

Yum. I have been going mad baking bread in an old Breadmaker machine that we had in the back of the closet. I don't think I have ever used one, and once I discovered it I have been like a woman possessed! In the past few days I have made three normal white loaves and one foccacia type bread. (made on the dough setting! Yes! and then popped into the old fashioned oven).

Ooooh - the delay button - what's this!? [she asked, pondering the possibilities]. The next morning at 5am on cue the dogs started barking madly as the bread machine turned on like magic to bake us some Saturday morning bread.

Below is a photo of my very first one. I have worked out that with the bulk breadmix I bought - that it comes to about $1 a loaf - but we would go through 2 for every one of a normal shop bought sandwich loaf - so that works out about $2 a loaf. Still pretty good. {not sure about all the power used to bake it though!). I have also made with just normal flour, yeast etc, rather than the breadmix. My next experiment will be to use the 'dough' setting for pasta. And make some more home made pasta.

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