Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rendering the Studio

I have spent the past two weekends testing rendering the wall of the studio with a product from Dulux called "full coat" and a colour called "Aviva".
Step one - spend quite a while wrestling trying to get the lid of the 10 ltr pot.
Step two - spend about 30seconds with the 'specially made' roller before giving up and getting a paint brush and trowel.
Step three - very slowly paint the render on. - If you do this quickly you will get a awful patchy look which will require a second coat. (thus the second picture in the slide show below). Patience and old clothes is key to this exercise.
Step four - decide after hours and hours of finishing it off that the rest of the walls will be done in plain cement render or not at all. :) But all frustration aside - A & I are very pleased with the finished look.

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