Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pond version 2

Yep. We re-did the pond. After a failed attempt at running the waterfall, we repositioned the big ironstone to the back and at a far greater angle. ( the water was mysteriously disappearing) - Lesson 63: Make sure the water isn't running back underneath the waterfall rock and out of the pond. We have taken out the middle fountain, and just left the waterfall outlet going. (well actually upon advise of my father we swapped them around and turned the pump on it's side. Works a treat.) We have also added some 'crazy paving' - weird term i know - but that's what it's called according to A. Made out of some beautiful offcut broken marble we picked up at a factory sale. Stay tuned for the the 'crazy paving' front path too! Everything is working beautifully and I have it running all day - while sitting in my studio. It's working as it should - relaxing me :). [if you are interested in the progress of this pond click here]

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