Monday, September 22, 2008

DIY Potato tub

This weekend we planted two lots of seed potatoes. This is how we did it.
1. Created chicken wire around 4 wooden stakes.
2. Dug the bottom ground a little
3. Small layer of cow manure
4. Small layer of hay - create a hole.
5. Put potting mix in an lay 4 seed potatoes (seed potatos are the special kind for growing)
6. another layer of potting mix to cover - then pat down.
7. Final layer of hay and sprinkle of blood & bone and hay.

We are suppose to now wait until the shoots come up about 30cm then cover with hay again until more growth etc etc. Then when they flower - that's when the crop is ready!

In this photo you can also see the new fence we have put up (sticks from the near by bush and some wire) around our vege patch. I am trying to keep our dogs from enjoying the occasional romp!.

We also acquired a new chook this weekend - Eggy. She is not liked by the others and her first egg was destroyed in a scuffle. We wait in hope that they make friends. It's all quite distressing.!!

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