Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dragon Blue Egg Company Label

Exciting advances have been made with the Egg industry. I have created a label!
But first a sad story involving four scary chickens, one sad chicken and us. The saga of introducing Eggy into the fold continued for another week. (see last post) She was being picked on, but worse, after much investigation and experiment we discovered she was eating her own eggs. We are not sure if the eggs were so brittle that they broke upon laying - at which point she ate them, or that they were being eaten by the other chickens in revolt! Either way - unfortunately we had to return her to the produce store, no questions asked. We then went down to a local chook man in these parts and bought a Silky chicken. If you haven't seen these chickens, they are incredibly cute. I will post a photo shortly. She is being picked on as well - picked up and dragged by the neck. So A constructed a seperate little run for. Apparently if you keep a new chicken separate from the established clan for a week or so, then slowly introduce them - it works much better. Or get another companion for the new chook. In the meantime - I have created a label for our small free range eggs business - Dragon Blue Egg Compnay Just a bit of fun - but now that Blacky has started laying (as of today!) we will start to get too many eggs to eat - so give them away we must.

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