Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nitsy, the duck, has died

Nitsy - our little yellow duckling has unfortunately died. She was found by A, buried with only her little webbed feet protruding from the ground. Very sad, very undignified way of losing your life. She has been caught by something and buried in shame. We are assuming it wasn't intentional as she had no scaring or obvious damage. So she either died of shock or broke her neck possibly. With Jessie - the other duckling, crying out for her, we have immediately gone up and acquired two new ducklings to keep her company - they are 3 weeks younger, half the size and are not Muscovy. These are Indian Runners x Mallard, flightless ducks which lay a lot more eggs than the Muscovy. The three are now curled up in the corner of their new pen (the dog kennel) keeping warm. Photos will come later when it stops raining! We did take advantage of about 10 minutes when it stopped raining, to start building a fence which will isolate the entire back part of our yard to allow for a bigger area for the poultry grazing. This area includes apple and citrus trees which is perfect for a grazing area. We will also be adding some coffee trees soon.

The rain has not let up now for about 10 days. Katoomba was on the Nine O'Clock news three times last night due to the awful weather. Thank goodness we are on a mountain top, otherwise there would be far more severe flooding in the area. The plants looks good!

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