Saturday, February 13, 2010

The new ducks

So after Nitsy died - Jessie the other duck was so distress we immediately went out an bought two more. These ones are Indian Runners x Mallard and very timid. Both A & I aren't nearly as attached to these two new ones - however as A's 8 year girl is slowly taming them they are taking on a certain charm. We have no idea if they are drakes or ducks, but as soon as we know we will be making decisions about which to keep. We don't mind having one drake, but not two. Regardless we have named them Bob and Stig. (!?). We have now settled them in to more permanant residences of the dog kennel with a wire run attached. We think they are quite happy there. They are now down in our 'back paddock' where the chooks roam. All seems happy family so far. So without further ado - please meet Bob & Stig.... (with Jessie in this photo.)

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