Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bread & Butter Pickles and Sun Ripening Tomatoes

My Mum came to visit this weekend. The weather was Finally fantastic. Blue skies and a perfect temperature of around 25 26 degrees. We got stuck into harvesting my tomatoes and cucumbers and doing interesting things with the bounty. First up were picking about 4 cucumbers and making a batch of 'Bread and Butter Pickles'. Basically a pickled cucumber, left for around 2 months, then served as a side with cheese or a ploughmans lunch - even on a sandwich. This was an 'easy' recipe I picked up from the internet, which I would supply here but the link is now broken. The basis of it was 4 lge cucumbers, 4 onions, white vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds and fennel seeds. Salting the cucumbers and onions for about an hour prior to adding the vinegar mixture. - That's the basis!
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Then it came to my tomatoes. They have almost taken over -day of the triffids style - and my mum gave the wise advice of pruning them right back so sunlight was getting in. So we (well she) picked all the ripe tomatoes at the same time and so this evening I have made a roasted tomato and red onion puree sauce for future pastas. I have frozen the bulk in an ice tray for single servings with pasta. (we did sample tonight the fresh sauce however - and it was scrummy.). After picking the tomatos I also left them in the sun all day today for the extra ripening.
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