Friday, April 9, 2010

My first corn

It's been a long harvest and to be honest - not a great one. But I picked my first corn this week - mum was visiting and so decided to wait for her to do the honours. It's quite small and probably the rest (all 4!) wont get much bigger, but wow! - it was very fresh and very yummy. Mum said the best way to cook and eat corn is to

1) put the water on to boil.
2) go pick corn
3) put corn in to cook for a few minutes
4) bit of butter and eat!

Couldn't be much fresher! The funny thing about the corn I grew - about twice as many also turned up elsewhere in the garden - metres away - one in another garden altogether (the succulent garden). They just kept popping up.

I will have another go next spring - but plant earlier and plant more. Its just a beautiful plant both just as a plant and also a produce. How exciting to have discovered corn - back in the day - and unwrapped those layers to find a cob. It's just wonderful.

Anyway - here 'tis mine!

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