Friday, November 21, 2008

New plants

We are going to try out some new plants (bromeliads) that my mum has given us. The cold (ie frost and snow) aren't good for them - so I have tied them to moveable objects (ladder) and may move into the back shed during the really cold snaps, to see that helps. We are entering into Summer here soon, so hopefully no more frosts for a few months. The ladder that you can see in the photo is the other half of the long one we found buried in the back yard - the first half is happily hanging our pots in the kitchen :) Also in the background of this photo, behind the fish pond you can see some tortured willow I picked up off a pile from the community gardens in Katoomba. The tortured willow is so beautiful - but in Australia it's been declared a weed of national significance and so aren't great to have around. These are the types of dried branches you see in fancy white urns in gorgeous interior design mags. The branches are wonderfully curly. They look like they belong in a whimsical children's book.

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