Sunday, May 22, 2011

New native garden for the duck pen

We have been passing a beautiful chook enclosure for the last couple of years on our afternoon walks. It's in north katoomba and is made up almost entirely of native plants. It's looks great and is perfect of poultry because they don't really bother with natives. So we have been planning our own version - and then we saw how wonderfully the indigenous "bush tucker" garden has taken off at the local community gardens that we decided this weekend to just 'bite the bullet' and do it in our duck enclosure. Luckily we had two truck loads of chip left over from our neighbours demolishing of a pine tree and used that to make paths. We then popped over to Weber Nursery at Mount Boyce near Blackheath and bought about 20 tube stock of natives. About 15 minutes after we finished planting it started to rain! - Perfect start to their new life. Here's a pic...

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  1. Really great post. Glad I stopped in for a peak. Bookmarking you. Hope to see some new stuff soon.