Sunday, November 7, 2010

First signs of Asparagus

Some very exciting news today. I was having a closer look at the first little asparagus I had spied shooting up out of my ferny asparagus plant and realised it was in fact coming up from the actual asparagus roots I had bought and planted about 6 weeks ago. I had planted them as directed spreading the roots out over a small mound dug in the soil and covered up with soil. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to fully cover them with soil - and maybe I was? However looking around at them the other day we were certain they were dead. But today having a quick glance at the garden - ever hopeful - 3 of the four have shot up asparagus! Small tiny thin asparagus, but asparagus still!. So maybe they will eventually take off...they last for 20 I am excited something is growing :) Now just have to wait to see what the ferny stuff does. (another purchase, but completely different from the roots I bought). I'm encouraged, because I am following instructions and just having faith. Being patient and just waiting. It's working!

Here they are...

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