Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DIY Mosaic Tray

Last weekend I took a leaf out of design*sponges blog and decided to try my hand at making a mosaic tray. We have found on the beautiful summer days when we want to sit outside on our deck it's always awkward to carry out drinks, nibblies etc. A tray was required. So I remembered this wonderful diy project (click here to read it), and put my own hand to it. Here's my version.
1. I purchased a cheap wooden tray from a local hardware for about $10
2. Using some left over white sample paint, gave it a couple of coats.
3. Bought some glass mosaic tiles from same hardware - it only needed a couple of packs, I think they were about $6, and using liquid nails stuck them on. I left that to dry for 24 hours.
4. Then I mixed up some white grout and followed the instructions. It was very very easy.

We have a slightly green theme through our fifties kitchen - so the colour was chosen to match that - when not in use :)

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  1. Very nice- retro! Hi- just 'found' your blog through permaculture website, will be popping in to read more! I'm also local, with chooks & love gardening, in fact there seems to be a lot of us popping up lately ....!