Saturday, May 17, 2008

The move.

The move has happened. The first half of the week was spent overseeing the new heater, oven, carpet being put in. Packing and packing. On Thursday the 2 moving men arrived at 8.30am and then left at 5.30ish but not before one of them had asked to view one of our indigenous paintings twice (concerned about authenticity?), and not before one took my car for half an hour to look for his old dog who had wandered off back home, and not before both said all the right things about 'nice yard', 'great colour carpet', 'great shed' etc etc. Not much else to say about the move itself. We are in now and over the next few days I will upload some photos. During the move day a couple of local rangers drove past looking for a white goat on the loose. Living up here is great. :) Everything is working in the house. (oh - another thing the lovely mover said during the day -"it's looking more like a home than a house") The new heater is warming up the house, the kids are happy, the dogs are happy. We cooked roast chook in the new oven on our first night. After momentary panic, removing melting plastic coating from the ends of the oven, and the plastic melting in the warming draw, all turned out well. ;) - It's suppose to be 5 degrees tomorrow (snow maybe). The big park opposite out front yard is hosting the Million Paws walk - I'm hoping we will be watching it from out front window, inside, rugged up.

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